My job

Hello, all,

I thought a great way to get to know each other would be leave a post with a brief description of our jobs and the library we work for.

So here’s a brief description of my job and the library I work for:

I am a serials library assistant at the Advocates Library. The Advocates Library is the library that serves the information needs of members of the Faculty of Advocates. Due to the fact that it acted as the legal deposit library for Scotland until the foundation of the National Library, the Advocates Library has retained the privilege of receiving free copies of all legal works published in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Members of the public have the right to consult the library’s holdings via the National Library of Scotland.

The department I work for is small team that consists of a serials librarian and two library assistants. We process all the serial publications that come to the library: journals, CD-ROMs, official publications, serial monographs, updates for loose-leaf… I think that is all.

My remit are loose-leafs, official publications and European publications. Dealing with loose-leafs takes up most of my time as several issues might arise: updates which do not arrive, missing pages, broken binders, missing copies… Thankfully, I do not have to file all the updates that come to the library (around 500 titles) myself, as the other library assistants help out with this task. Here is a picture of what the updates look like before being filed:

This is not my first job in libraries: I have previously worked as a relief library assistant for Edinburgh libraries (lots of travelling around!) and as a library supervisor in Campbeltown (the remotest place I have ever lived in!).

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