New style – what do you think?

Hello all

Although the previous ‘theme’ we had on this site was very beautiful – it was called ‘Silesia’ – there were a couple of wee bugs in it that bothered me. So, I’ve been looking at some alternative themes and I like this one – it’s called ‘Big Brother’ (I think that’s kind of apt for the site of a library organisation, no?).

What do you think of ‘Big Brother’ people of ELISA? Is it a keeper?

Please pop your feedback in the comments field below.  Thanks


3 thoughts on “New style – what do you think?

  1. Hi Jane. I like the clear cut crisp lines. The blue keeps the overall look very business less with the ELISA colours making it more welcoming. Well done to you


  2. Thanks for the feedback ladies.

    Sally – I like a cleaner font too but WP doesn’t allow me to edit a theme to that extent, sadly. When you choose a theme you have to take the whole package – fonts and all!


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