Christmas Capercaillies at Leith Library – events this weekend!

Leith Library’s former Reader in Residence Emily Dodd is back for a week of Christmas capercaillie fun. Events include local primary school and nursery workshops, capercaillie crafts and a Can’t-Dance-Cameron public event.


Emily worked at Leith library 2.5 days a week between September 2012 to 2013 as the Scottish Book Trust Reader in Residence. She shared stories from the library on the Leith Library blog and using the Leith Library twitter account. The residency included 9 months in the library followed by 3 months funded to do her own thing. This funding enabled Emily to write her first picture book ‘Can’t-Dance-Cameron: A Scottish Capercaillie Story’.

Emily said:

“I loved working with Leith Library. They were doing so many brilliant things, it was a pleasure and privilege to share their work with a wider audience using social media. At the end of my residency I had funding to allow me to take a month off on a writing retreat. Can’t-Dance-Cameron was written during that time so it’s all happened thanks to Leith Library and the Scottish Book Trust”

Emily’s events are known for being interactive with sounds, smells, science experiments, football pinecones and dancing – we have video evidence!

Public Event
The public event is this Saturday at 1pm at Leith Library, details here:


Capercaillie Crafts

red squirrel fridge magnets (it’s Hazel from Can’t-Dance-Cameron)
red squirrel fridge magnets (it’s Hazel from Can’t-Dance-Cameron!)
Leith Library have made a lovely capercaillie display
Leith Library have made a lovely capercaillie display

You can also come and make these lovely red squirrel fridge magnets in the family craft session at Leith Library this Friday afternoon 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Sandra Wright, Team Leader at Leith Library said:

“It’s wonderful to have Emily back with us. Look out Leith, there’s a capercaillie dance craze on its way”

Sharing Best Practice
Emily recently talked about digital storytelling at ELISA Open Forum 2014 using examples from her time working with Leith Library. She blogged about her top ten residency highlights here.

Can’t-Dance-Cameron launched in September 2014 through Floris Picture Kelpies range and has been selling so well it’s already been reprinted. You can hire a copy from any of our Edinburgh libraries or buy it from all good book shops. Find Emily Dodd on her blog, on twitter (@auntyemily) or on Facebook

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