ELISA Summer Gathering and AGM – event report

A brief report about the ELISA Summer gathering and AGM which was held on Thursday 25th June 2015 at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  It was a successful event with a good turn out of more than 20 people – excellent talks, conversations and networking opportunities.
The librarian, Sarah Jeffcott at the Portrait Gallery provided a tour of the library and gave a very interesting and informative talk about the collection and the enquiry and research work that she does.  The collection consists of prints, drawings and photography collections and Sarah showed examples of some of the collection.  She also explained about the the Sitters’ Files which are copies of portraits in collections and the Artists’ Files which are photographs of portraits by Scottish artists. They are also working on digitising some of the National galleries collection so there is a digitisation station.
There was time for questions and everyone appreciated Sarah’s time and expertise in showing us round the library.



The main business of the AGM consisted of a report from the Business Committee including the Treasurers report. Also brief reports from the working groups – the Access Group, the Web and e-Content Group and the Training & Development Group.
he event was an excellent opportunity to network and chat to other people involved in the library world in Edinburgh.  ELISA events provide a useful environment for sharing knowledge and experience across sectors and promoting and advocating libraries.
There was even time for drinks and snacks.


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