Libraries for Privacy – Digital Security Workshop review

On Friday I attended this excellent workshop at the Glasgow Women’s Library. It was run by Scottish PEN, in conjunction with CILIPS, and presented by the Library Freedom Project.

Here’s my report on the workshop for your information. I tried to fully expand my notes but please ask if you require any further information or explanation.

A Very Fine Library

Venue: Glasgow Women’s Library
Date: 8 July 2016

This excellent (and somewhat terrifying) half-day workshop was organised by Scottish PEN to help libraries support users in strengthening their online privacy. The workshop was presented by Alison Macrina of the Library Freedom Project, and supported by CILIPS.

Information for the workshop has been made available via Dropbox

The man from Scottish PEN spoke very rapidly at the start so I didn’t catch either his name or that of the man who followed him. However, I did get that the 2nd man represented both CILIP and IFLA. He covered a number of points:

  • He recommended we take a look at the IFLA privacy policy
  • Privacy is a matter of library ethics and should be part of our operations
  • Privacy of users and citizens is increasingly being challenged, both by government bodies and commercial entities. For example, ebook publishers demand…

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