Treasures of the National Library of Scotland podcast

Our new Treasures podcast is well worth a listen
To mark the opening of Treasures of the National Library of Scotland, we’ve asked some of Scotland’s real-life national treasures to select their favourite items from the exhibition in a new weekly podcast series
Hosted by Julia Sutherland, each podcast takes a deeper dive into the objects, collections and artefacts that each guest finds most interesting. Together they explore both the historical and the personal significance of the items.
The series features Grant Stott, Liz Lochhead, Sanjeev Kohli, Jo Caulfield, Damian Barr, Len Pennie, Leanne Crichton, Jamie MacDonald and Martel Maxwell.
Episode one is out now. Subscribe to the series on AppleSpotify, Google and on other podcast providers by searching for ‘Treasures of the National Library of Scotland’.

– National Library newsletter — June 2022

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