About this site

This is the main information resource of the Edinburgh Library and Information Services Agency (ELISA) – sharing news, events, useful info and details about member libraries. It replaces TACIT, the former newsletter.


Members of ELISA are welcome, and encouraged, to post onto this site – if you don’t already have access, please contact the Web & e-content Group for information.

Brief instructions for posting onto this site

In order to post it’s necessary to Login first. Then, go to the Dashboard, choose Posts and Add New. Remember to give your new post a title then enter your text into the main text-box.

Adding Media
Include images whenever possible to brighten your posts. Pictures, documents, videos, tweets, etc can be added to your post by clicking the Add Media button.

Be sure to select the option to ‘Publicize on Twitter’ which you’ll find in the bar on the right of the New Post screen.

Tags & Categories
Tags can be used to index a post, to provide a link between similar posts and also to allow simple searches via the Tag Cloud in the main sidebar. Go to the bar on the right of the New Post screen and either choose your Tags from the options already available or enter new tags of your own.

This site uses a system of Categories to funnel and direct posts into specific subject areas. Please do not create categories of your own (they will only be deleted by Admins). Choose relevant categories from the options available:

  • Access Working Group – post will appear under the WORKING GROUPS tab (as Access Group news)
    • Web and e-Content Group – post will appear under the WORKING GROUPS tab (as Web sub-group news)
  • Business Committee – post will appear under the ABOUT ELISA tab (as Business Committee news)
  • Events – post will appear under the EVENTS tab (as Events news)
  • InfoLinks – post appear under the INFOLINKS tab (use this for posts containing useful or interesting information links)
  • Staff Training & Development – post will appear under the WORKING GROUPS tab (as T&D Group news)

All posts, including Uncategorized, will also appear under the NEWS tab

Publishing and scheduling posts
You can ‘Preview’ a post to see how it will look before it goes live. Once you’re happy click ‘Publish‘ to post it onto the site. It is still possible to ‘Edit’ posts after publication, or even delete them if you want.

So that we can keep a steady supply of content, if you notice that someone has recently posted something new, please consider ‘scheduling’ your post to publish later, the next morning for example. To do this, go to the bar on the right of the New Post screen where it says ‘Publish immediately’ and choose Edit. Select the date and time you want, click ‘OK’ then ‘Schedule’.

Please contact the Web & e-content Group if you have any questions. Training on using this site may also be available