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Would you like to blog for ELISA?

If you work in an Edinburgh library and information service, and you’d like to contribute something for publication here on our blog, please contact me – The Webmaster. Or if you’d like to suggest your own service’s site for us to follow and re-blog , that would also be appreciated.  

We’d welcome news, events information, links to job adverts or ‘day in the life’ pieces – anything you’d like to contribute really.

I can either set you up with site access so you can post by yourself or, if that idea is a bit daunting, send me your stuff and I’ll post it for you!

As we start re-opening our services after Lockdown let’s start re-connecting and sharing our stories with library and information service colleagues across Edinburgh

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Mailing-list updates

mailchimp and wordpress

I know that not everyone who’d like to follow ELISA is able to access the blog (for whatever reason). I am also aware that our new, post-GDPR mailing-list has been somewhat underused so far. However, I think I’ve got a solution to both of those issues.

I did a bit of investigating this week and (I hope) I’ve found a way to push new blog posts out via the Mailchimp list!

I don’t want to overwhelm or annoy anyone with multi-mails, therefore I’ve opted for a weekly mailing which should include any new posts from the previous week (if there are no new posts there should not be any emails…as far as I can tell).

The first update should be in your inboxes tomorrow morning (Friday). I’d welcome any feedback or comments on this idea. I am always open to change and adaptation.

If you would prefer to receive your ELISA updates in this way, you can sign up to the mailing list here 

ELISA AGM and tour of Enduring Eye exhibition

The ELISA AGM was held on Tuesday 26th September at the National Library of Scotland.
It was a very successful event with positive feedback from the 15 members who attended.

The event started with a tour of the NLS’s current exhibition led by Paula Williams (Curator of Maps, Mountaineering and Polar Collections).   It was fascinating to look at the photographs and to hear the story of the expedition.  Paula is extremely knowledgeable about the expedition and the history of the people, places and sequence of events.  She made it sound both exciting and poignant.  She also gave an insight into what is involved in curating and exhibition and the work that takes place behind the scenes.

The exhibition is definitely worth visiting and the photographs are amazing.

After the tour, there were refreshments and then the AGM.
The AGM deals with the official business of ELISA and with reports from the Business Committee and the financial report.  Then reports from sub groups i.e. the Access Group, Training and Development Group and the Web Group.
These reports will be made available via the website as soon as they are available.


Call for contributions

Do you work in one of Edinburgh’s library and information services? Or somewhere in the wider Lothians area? ELISA would love to hear from you.

We’re always looking for submissions for publication on this site. Please send us information on your events and exhibits, details of training sessions and visits, or just tell us something about your typical day.

All contributions gratefully received. Please contact JA Condie (your Webmaster!)


My year with ELISA – a 1st Anniversary review

During my report to the AGM in June, I mentioned my very first ELISA meeting had been the AGM of 2014. Afterwards Fiona Laing suggested I write a post reflecting on being part of ELISA for the last year and how things have moved forward in that time. A lovely idea but I’m afraid it took me a while to get around to doing it.

WP_20150625_005So, being much too late for a reasonable tie-in with the AGM, I will instead use this post to mark the 1st Anniversary of this site itself!!!

The very first post was uploaded on 24 September 2014. With fitting symmetry it was a re-blog of my own report from the 2014 AGM at the Botanics. Looking back over my year (and a bit) as part of ELISA is a pleasant experience. Right from the start, at the 2014 AGM, I felt totally welcomed by this group of very lovely library people.

Blogging is my hobby so, when told there was need of assistance in that area, I immediately volunteered. Since I derive huge pleasure from fiddling around online, I quickly moved from ‘helping out with the website’ to leading the Web & e-Content Group – which seemed to be a pretty sweet deal for everyone involved!

The old website

The TACIT newsletter had just been retired and I wanted ELISA’s website to take its place as an information resource for Edinburgh’s Library and Information Services community. I had a lot of ideas but was limited by lack of access to the website. It was at that time hosted on Edinburgh University’s server and, for security reasons, I could not have full administrative access to it there. It had previously been well maintained by Greg Christie but, though he was exceedingly helpful, he had his own job to do and my intended revamp of the site would have taken months to achieve without direct access.

So, at a Business Committee meeting (probably in August 2014) I questioned how wedded ELISA was to the website as it was. I suggested that shifting to a free site hosted on would give us more freedom and versatility, allowing any and all ELISA members to post if they so wished… Long story short, after a whirlwind few weeks, almost before I knew what was happening, the old site had been archived, and I was sole admin of this shiny new website:

Web Group members

For a little while the Web & e-Content ‘Group’ was just me but I was soon joined by Lauren Thow of Portobello High School and Jose Lopez (formerly of the Advocates Library). When Jose left Edinburgh the group was down to 2 members – until Claire Donlan from Heriot-Watt was persuaded to join us too.


My main focus is the design and up-keep of the website. I built the layout and pages, adding various widgets like the Twitter feed and a link to ELISA’s Eventbrite account. I work to create an online following (here and on Twitter) and try to chase up interesting content – to the extent that I suspect many ELISA folk are scared to talk to me these days since I’m always demanding new posts for the site. I’m also part of the Business Committee.

Lauren is our Photoshop diva. As well as being the new chair of the Access Working Group (congrats Lauren!) she is designing the beautiful new Libraries Passport and related documentation.

Claire is our link to the excellent work of the Training & Development Group. She initially set-up our Twitter account – @elisaEDINBURGH – and is great at live Tweeting ELISA events. Claire also takes beautiful photos.

Online stats

ELISA currently has 328 online followers.

  • 160 directly through this website
  • 168 via Twitter – there is likely to be some duplication here but I have no way to quantify that.

In the first year the website had:

  • 7,606 views of 102 posts – by 8 authors (and several more contributors) – but only 24 comments
  • hits from 79 different countries staggeringly! Though the majority of our 2678 visitors have probably been more local.
  • its best day ever on 22 October 2014 with 212 views!

The Twitter account was created on 7 November 2014 and since then we’ve tweeted 264 Tweets to 168 Followers.

Guest posts

Gifted: The fascinating tale of ten mysterious book sculptures gifted to the city of words and ideas

As noted above, I’m always trying to find people willing to contribute something for publication on the site. In the last year we’ve had posts submitted by:

I was very pleased when Christine De Luca agreed to write a piece for the website last year. Her illustrated submission was ‘serialised’ in 3 parts during January 2014. It was very successful in drawing subscribers to the site and raising its profile. I’m very keen to showcase other guest writers in the future. This is an ongoing scheme so please, please send me your submissions or suggest names of people I could invite to contribute in the future.

The year ahead

I feel (I hope!) that the Web & e-Content Group, with our various links and interests, provide a kind of unifying force within ELISA. We gather information about the BC and Working Groups’ meetings, projects and events and disseminate them to the wider ELISA community. We also supply a conduit for that community to send out its own info too. I want our website to become central to ELISA’s work and to Edinburgh’s library, museum, archive, records management and information community.

I’ve very much enjoyed my first year with ELISA, I’ve loved meeting and working with so many lovely library professionals and I look forward to the years ahead. Please, as always, contact me with any questions, suggestions or feedback you have.

Thanks for a lovely year ELISA!

Jane A Condie
Advocates Library, and ELISA Web & e-Content Group leader

Have you joined Your Edinburgh?

Your Edinburgh ( Edinburgh Libraries’ community information directory has just had a colourful redesign. It is now fully responsive so is easy to use on the go and on mobile phone or tablet.

Search Your Edinburgh by keyword or location to find 100s of listings for local information, activities, groups and organisations across the city. There’s even a new map function that lets you view search results by location too.

Your Edinburgh is also the place to find the ‘Edinburgh Libraries Guide’. If you’ve not yet joined, it’s super quick and easy to do. Just register from the home page and then add your listing in minutes. The entry will be tagged as an ELISA entry and becomes part of the Guide.

Join Your Edinburgh today!

Contact if you’ve any queries.






ELISA – 2014 in review

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

There were 213 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 86 MB. That’s about 4 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was October 22nd with 212 views….

Ooft!  2014 (the last bit of it anyway) has been pretty busy, blog-wise, for ELISA.

We made and launched this new site in September/October so our ‘annual report’ really only covers the last quarter of the year – but even so, the numbers look pretty good to me!

For example, in that short time we’ve already had 38 San Francisco cable cars worth of visitors from 18 different countries! Not bad at all.

You can click here to see the complete report. Thanks to the monkeys for preparing it.

Social media: collaboration, communities and cpd

Thanks to Anabel Marsh for sharing her talk from #elisaForum with us!

Adventures of a Retired Librarian

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the ELISA (Edinburgh Library and Information Services Agency) Open Forum 2014, which had the general theme of  the rewards and risks of social media, especially as ELISA had been one of the sparks for the initiatives I covered in my talk. We had no similar cross-sectoral organisation in the West of Scotland at the time, and I was attempting to rectify that in a small way.
The slides are mainly pictorial and don’t make much sense on their own, so here are some brief notes:
Slide 1 My talk was about using online networks to create real-life communities and cpd opportunities.
Slide 2 My first step into social media was a work-related Children’s Literature blog in 2007. I used Blogger because it seemed easier than WordPress – the only other platform I’d…

View original post 645 more words

Kickstarting a Revolution – #elisaForum

Helen MacDonald from the Glasgow Women’s Library has also given us a link to the Prezi for her workshop: Kickstarting a Revolution: Crowdfunding for the Third Sector.

Thanks Helen!

crowdsourcing @ nls #elisaForum

Thanks to Gill Hamilton, Digital Access Manager at NLS for her workshop at ELISA Open Forum 2014 yesterday. Gill has kindly provided her presentation slides slides to remind those who took part in her workshop – and to update those (like me) who missed it.