Case studies

Forrester High School Advanced Higher English Visit to Edinburgh University Library

Students at Forrester High School obtained a Library Passport from their School Librarian that enabled them to use resources at Edinburgh University Library for their Advanced Higher English dissertation.

This is what the students felt about the scheme:

‘I visited Edinburgh University Library to do some background reading and extra research for my Advanced Higher English dissertation. I found the library to be a useful resource as they have so many books and a really easy to use book-finding service. I could quickly find materials related to my dissertation topic’ Alison

‘I found visiting the library very helpful, because otherwise I would have needed to buy expensive books for my research.  I chose a difficult topic for my Advanced Higher English dissertation so it was very helpful having the freedom to look at a variety of books and gain the information I needed to write my essay’ Abi

Portobello High School Advanced Higher PE Visit to Moray House Library

Senior PE students from Portobello High School used the Library Passport scheme to visit Moray House Library, part of the University of Edinburgh.

Their first visit, an organised event, was made in conjunction with students from other secondary schools in Edinburgh.  The Librarians conducted tours around the library showing students how to use the computer catalogues and find resources relevant to their Advanced Higher dissertations that were not available in their School Library.

Following this visit the students were able to use their Library Passport to visit the Library on their own to continue their research.

This is what the students felt about the scheme:

‘It was both educational and fun’  Reece

‘It was enlightening and I could see myself using the Library again in the future’  Ryan

‘it was really interesting and important to experience a big library and know how to access materials for our project’  Murron


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