In the Ink Dark

A performance art project in association with @TalesOfOneCity

Tales of One City

a dance and poem
made from memory and from conversation

In the Ink Dark is a new project from artist Luke Pell and collaborators. Throughout May and June a series of conversations and encounters with different people in Leith and Edinburgh will lead to a week of live dance performances at unique spaces across the city including Central Library and McDonald Road Library.

Performed by an eclectic group of dance and performance artists with an original music composition from Scott Twynholm, In the Ink Dark collects and explores experiences of loss and landscape, memory and materiality through dance, design and poetry.

Luke draws upon his own and others stories to make objects, dances and installations that can only exist because of different people coming together to listen and to share. This project invites people from all walks of life to talk with him, to share, reflect and celebrate something they have loved…

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Dolly, Art and Metadata Games: an introduction to the University of Edinburgh Library’s collections

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Staff from Edinburgh University Library will take you on an online guided tour of its collections, featuring highlights from the Art Collection and introduction to the Wellcome Trust-funded project `Towards Dolly: Edinburgh, Roslin and the Birth of Modern Genetics’. You will also hear about new initiatives to open up the Library’s digital collections and get a chance to try out their new metadata image tagging game!

Tues 29 September 6.30-7.30pm, George Washington Browne Room, Central Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EG

Book online at Edinburgh Reads

ELISA Edinburgh visit to Edinburgh College of Art Library


On Tuesday 2nd June I went on a visit to Edinburgh College of Art Library which was one of the programme of visits organised by ELISA training and development group.

The College of Art is on Lady Lawson Street in Edinburgh Old Town and has an old building at the front and a new building at the back leading onto West Port. The library is in the new part of the building.  The librarian, Jane Furness, had kindly offered to show us around and give a talk about the library and how it is used.

The library is based on 3 floors although as we were vising at the same time as the degree show was on, the top floor was being used for the exhibition.  Each floor is separate as it was originally going to be an office building so you come out of each floor and use the lift or stairs to get to the next.

On the main entrance floor is the Help Desk / Service Desk, some PCs and printer, lots of journals and magazines, the short loan collection and a collection of DVDs.

There is a variety of seating – comfortable seating and seating at tables and chairs.

On the lower floor there is the main book collection and some desks with PCs.
The whole area is light and bright and has a good feel to it.  It feels like a good place to work and the book collection is very interesting.
Jane explained about the collection and about the links with other Edinburgh University libraries and how the students use the resources.  Although there are some electronic resources, due to the nature of the subject it is important to have paper based books and artifacts that are accessible and appealing.

There are display cases containing exhibits and artists stories – these are really interesting and give an insight into the character of the library and its users.  The material is unique to the place.


More information about the ECA Library can be found on the University of Edinburgh website. 

After we had looked around the library, we visited the rest of the building and the degree show.  there were some interesting exhibits and a great view from the top.

ELISA Summer Gathering and AGM

Hello all

Portrait Gallery ceiling

This year’s Summer Gathering and AGM will take place on Thursday 25th June 2015, at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, from 4-6.30pm.

The meeting will be held in the Gallery’s AK Bell room where refreshments will be provided. Sarah Jeffcott, Librarian and Research Assistant, will also give us an introduction to her library/print room where we’ll see some highlights from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery‘s prints, drawings and photography collections.

Please register your attendance via Eventbrite.

ELISA Summer Gathering and AGM
Thursday 25th June 2015, 4-6.30pm

AK Bell room
Scottish National Portrait Gallery
1 Queen Street
Edinburgh  EH2 1JD

Commemorating the Massacre of Glencoe – NLS event

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To mark the anniversary of the Massacre of Glencoe NLS will be screening an innovative video celebrating one of Sir Walter Scott’s lesser-known works.

Scott’s poem ‘On the Massacre of Glencoe’ commemorates one of the darkest incidents in Scottish history – the Massacre of Glencoe which saw more than 70 Highlanders killed for alleged treason.

An Edinburgh-based company Double Take Projections has created a video showing the words of Sir Walter Scott’s poem, being beamed, on location onto the Glencoe scenery.

The three-minute video will be screened on Friday 13 February between 2.00 – 5.30 pm in the National Library’s Boardroom, George IV Bridge, EH1 1EW

The current exhibition ‘Game of Crowns: the 1715 Jacobite Rising’ tells the story of this bloody period in Scotland’s history, and the handwritten document ordering this massacre is currently on display.   Come along on Friday 13 February to watch the video and visit the exhibition

Mysterious Edinburgh #BookSculptures


The first set of these beautiful sculpted books were left around Edinburgh by an anonymous, library-loving artist in 2011. She later made five sculptures for the Scottish Book Trust, then another series for her own altruistic reasons

I’ve been fascinated by this story since the beginning and made several trips round Edinburgh (and elsewhere in Scotland) to see these wonderful pieces with my own eyes.

See the pictures here

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