The ‘V’ Word

The next dayschool training event from LocScot, the Scottish CILIP Local Studies Group, is on the hot topic of volunteers and volunteering in libraries and the heritage sector. It will be held on Friday 20th January 2017 at the National Library of Scotland.

This LocScot dayschool tackles the contentious subject of volunteers in the workplace. The training day will look at examples of good practice of using volunteers within libraries, the heritage sector and communities; share our own experiences; and discuss ways to successfully define, plan, and manage volunteers and voluntary projects.

Guest speakers from the National Library of Scotland, Glasgow Women’s Library, Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service at Edinburgh Libraries and the Living Memory Association will share their best practice and advice.

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Volunteering at the Scottish Poetry Library


Now that we have moved back into our newly renovated building we are keen to recruit a new team of volunteers to help us in our work. Would you like to join us? We particularly have opportunities for helping out on Saturdays and with evening events in our busy programme from January 2016.

If you are interested – even if you’re only available once a month – we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the volunteer application form on our website or email to find out more.

Even if you can’t volunteer – do come and visit us in our new building!

Julie Johnstone

Librarian, Scottish Poetry Library

Volunteer appeal from the Christian Aid Booksale

Can you recognise a “special” book when you see one?

There is nothing like a charity book sale to highlight last year’s “must reads” – the bestsellers that flew off the bookshop shelves but which many of us do not want to keep on our own bookshelves. Would their authors be depressed to see countless copies of their “bestseller” stacked high at second-hand booksales?  Maybe they’re just pleased that they’ve been read and are available to be read again!

If you are interested in a particular subject – art, history or travel, for example – would you like to help sort, price and arrange these books for a book sale?

Of more interest to many veteran book-sale attendees are the “specials”.  Often arriving in a box of mixed books from a house clearance, these books can be first editions, signed copies, rare annuals, maps or sought-after Scottish materials.

If you have the skills to spot “specials” amongst the thousands of books that arrive at the Holy Corner Christian Aid Book Sale, and would like to be part of a happy and fulfilling few weeks of voluntary work, please contact Elspeth Yeo, who can provide more information – contact details are below.

Even if you can’t spot a “special” but would like to be part of a great team that delivers a unique book-sale experience at Holy Corner, please get in touch.  It doesn’t matter how many or how few hours you can do – it is the taking part that is important.

The Holy Corner Christian Aid Book Sale will be in Morningside United Church, Holy Corner from Saturday 9th May–Saturday 16th May this year.  Volunteers are required during that week, but also during the three to four weeks before the sale (including in the evenings).  Work at clearing up after the sale continues from Monday 18th –Wednesday 20th May.

For more information please contact:

Miss Elspeth Yeo
Tel:  0131 229 6652
Email: Elspeth Yeo