Web and e-Content Group

Web and e-content is a sub-group of Access.  It provides ELISA with an appropriate web presence while creating a sustainable model for continued updating with relevant content

The group maintains the content on the ELISA website and seeks to engage with the library community through the use of social media channels.

In addition the group will:

  • Produce an online marketing strategy for ELISA
  • Improve knowledge of electronic resources available to the Edinburgh information community
  • Support the development of electronic content and resources through collaborative efforts
  • Disseminate information on research and developments in the field
  • Create a knowledge base of expertise in the field and to develop ways in which that expertise can be shared and/or exchanged
  • Develop models of best practice

Group members:

Jane A Condie (group leader), Advocates Library – email

Lauren Thow, Portobello High School – email

Claire Donlan, Heriot-Watt University – email

Web Group news and events can be viewed here

If you have any feedback about the site please leave a comment below. Thanks


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